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OCTG Materials

Nippon Steel's OCTG Materials cover the largest range of applications from Carbon steel to Nickel based alloys. Whether you are looking for corrosion resistance to CO2 or H2S, high strength, high collapse, heavy wall, special drift and so on, SM series will safely tackle with your most severe drilling environments. 

OCTG Connections

VAM® product line provides You with the most reliable way to connect OCTG tubulars. VAM® Premium connections are not only field proven, but qualified against the most stringent testing procedures and benefit from the largest worldwide support.

Line Pipe

Nippon Steel masters both seamless and welded line pipe technologies with high purity steel, high quality pipes to fulfill the requirements of all applications and hostile environments whether onshore, offshore, corrosive, large diameters, high strength, heavy wall and so on.

Specialty Tubes

From carbon steel to high corrosion resistant alloys, Nippon Steel's Specialty Tubes does precisely fit your purposes : thermal and nuclear power plants, oil refineries and petrochemical, chemical and automotive industries.