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Newly developed special oil well pipe connection NSMAX™-GR-PS adopted for new well drilling in Agano, Niigata for the first time ever

Newly developed special oil well pipe connection NSMAX™-GR-PS adopted for new well drilling in Agano, Niigata for the first time ever

Aug. 24, 2021

“NSMAX™-GR-PS,” a special connection for oil well pipes newly developed by Nippon Steel Corporation (hereinafter, “Nippon Steel”), has been adopted for the drilling of new wells, which is planned to be carried out at INPEX Minamiaga Field Office (Agano, Niigata Prefecture) by INPEX Corporation (hereinafter, “INPEX”) and Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (hereinafter, “JOGMEC”), for the first time ever.

NSMAXTM-GR-PS achieves seamless and high fastening stability thanks to Nippon Steel’s proprietary special connection design. It also ensures sealing performance through managing the fastening position and improves tripping efficiency by enabling quick fastening of connections. We have also conducted testing using actual pipes during the development stage to check the sealing performance.

INPEX and JOGMEC have started joint research for the verification testing of the enhanced oil recovery technology (EOR) using carbon dioxide (CO2) at INPEX Minamiaga Oil Field in April 2021. In this research, it is planned to verify the effect of enhanced recovery of oil remaining under the ground as well as the effect of reducing CO2, a green house gas, by using the CO2 EOR efficiency improvement technology.

For the above verification testing, Nippon Steel received all orders for ERW OCTG and seamless OCTG to be used for two wells that are planned to be newly drilled in 2022. For the ERW OCTG that will be used for Surface Casing*1, in particular, they adopted the NSMAXTM-GR-PS, a special connection newly developed by Nippon Steel, for the first time ever.

Since the move toward decarbonization is rapidly growing in recent years, drilling activities for earth-conscious geothermal power generation and EOR / CCUS*2 are expected to increase globally. We will promote the expansion of the production of the NSMAXTM-GR-PS, which is capable of meeting diversifying needs, looking ahead to capturing international demand.

Nippon Steel will always seek the best technologies in the world as well as the power of manufacturing and continue to contribute to the progress of society through activities that also match the sustainable development goals (SDGs) adopted by the UnitedNations (“Affordable and Clean Energy”).


*1  Surface Casing: Casing that protects the side wall of a shallow-layer.

*2  Carbon Capture (Utilization) and Storage: Technology to collect, transport, and store CO2 at such locations as an underground stratum that has no impact on the atmosphere.