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VAM TOP CLEANWELL® DRY Success in Statoil Hydro Trial Run

VAM TOP CLEANWELL® DRY Success in Statoil Hydro Trial Run

VAM TOP CLEANWELL® DRY was successfully run as a first trial deployment for Statoil Hydro offshore Norway on June 16th, 2009. 140 joints or 1809m of 13 3/8”, 72#, P110 were run trouble free incurring zero reject.

VAM TOP CLEANWELL® DRY, co-developed by Sumitomo Metals and Vallourec & Mannesmann Tubes, is a proprietary Dope Free Dry solution developed to satisfy strict environmental regulations related to discharge into the sea.

CLEANWELL® DRY does provide:

  • Anti-corrosion protection during storage
  • Anti-galling properties while running
  • No dope extrusion

VAM TOP CLEANWELL® DRY connection was manufactured in Sumitomo Metals Wakayama plant under its usual stringent quality control. The trial was carried on the “Idun Nord – Exploration Well #6507/3-7” located 210 km west from Bronnoysund - Norway from Ocean Vanguard Semi submersible.

In compliance with Norwegian regulations, this operation was carried out using a remote controlled automated make-up procedure without any damage and any cross thread. An average running speed of 8 joint per hour was achieved during the operation with a max speed of about 11 joint per hour. A max rotation speed of 16 RPM was successfully achieved with no negative effect on the connection performances.

Both Statoil Hydro and relevant Rig personnel were satisfied with the performance of Clean Well from the perspective of running speed, lack of rejects and cleanliness of the operations.