Large OD ERW Casing

High performance Surface Casing solution to reduce your well total cost

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Large OD ERW Casing

Your Surface Casing solution for saving on the total cost of your well

Nippon Steel has developped and combined large OD ERW Casing NT-95DE and as prorietary connection named NSMAXTM-GR.

Will perfectly fit your applications :

  • Offshore environement to reduce rig time & NPT
  • Subsea fatigue driven Surface Casing
  • Shallow gas isolation
  • Geothermal applications

NT-95DE ERW Casing and NSMAXTM-GR is available on 18", 18-5/8" and 20" OD. This unique combination provides both a lighter solution compared to seamless pipe technology and ensures reliable, fast & stable running efficiency (lower risk of cross-threading and galling), in order to minimize the cost of deployement.

Your benefits :

  • Quick running
  • low risks of cross-threading, galling sensitivity and break out
  • API 5C5 2017 CAL I validated, with additional gas kick reliability
  • Proven SAF performance for fatigue subsea application
  • Cost effective solution 

NT-95DE ERW Casing and NSMAXTM-GR will deliver overal a reduction in total cost of your well, while maintaining the highest quality & well integrity.


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