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The connection list gives you access to the VAM product lines. Because not all products can be listed, such as fit-for-purpose or so-called isolated products, please contact Nippon Steel engineer in case the VAM connection you are looking for is not listed.

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VAM 21

VAM®21 is the latest generation of T&C premium connection introducing an innovative and revolutionary design. Confidence thanks to ISO 13679 CAL-IV compliance within the full pipe body envelope extends the opportunities for your well designs.



  • Seal protected from rough handling
  • Fit for automated rig handling systems
  • Reliable running ability
  • Superior torque resistance
  • Reduced drilling wear susceptibility
  • Extreme compression resistance (100%)
  • Excellent gas tight sealing under combined loads
  • ISO 13679 CAL-IV performances within the full pipe envelope

    Applicable range

    • VAM 21 is currently available from 5" to 13 5/8". Other sizes are available upon request.
    • Standard, Alternative and Special Drifts
    • Carbon, Martensitic stainless steel (13%Cr & Super 13%Cr),Duplex, Super Duplex and Nickel base Alloys
    • Yield strengths from 80 ksi to 125 ksi
    • Available with high torque option : VAM 21 HT
    • Available with CLEANWELL option


    ISO 13679 CAL-IV performances within the full pipe envelope

    • 100% efficiency under combined loads : Tension, Compression, Internal and External Pressure
    • Extreme compression resistance (100%)
    • 20°/100ft to 42°/100ft bending resistance
    • Tested up to 240°C (464°F) operating temperature
    • Excellent gas tight sealing under combined loads
    • Performances validated on the full product line according to ISO13679 CAL-IV requirements
    • First connection validated to the new ISO13679:2011 CAL-IV revision
    • Innovative VAM effect with the VAM StabilizerTM


    Superior torque resistance

    • Simplified torque table - Single make-up torques for all grades
    • Available with environmentally friendly thread compounds
    • Introduction of MTS (Maximum Torque with Sealability)
    • Optional design available, VAM 21 HT, for even higher torque capacity

    Reduced internal diameter restriction

    • Special drifts are available on a standard basis
    • Reduction of swaging requirements to the minimum
    • No interference with well bore operations
    • Reduced drilling wear susceptibility
    • Increased serviceability for accessories, repairs

    Reliable running ability

    • Self aligning stabbing mechanism 
    • No cross threading thanks to cylindrical crests and roots design
    • Improved galling resistance
    • Seal protected from rough handling
    • Fit for automated rig handling systems

    Innovative VAM effect with the VAM StabilizerTM

    • A patented innovation that revolutionizes the long time successful VAM Effect
    • VAM Stabilizer compliance provides independence between the key functions of sealing and torque shoulder
    • VAM Stabilizer stiffness bolsters the sealing mechanism

    Multi-grooving benefits

    • Stable and consistent torque/turn signature
    • Large dope quantity tolerance, avoids dope pressure build-up in case of overdoping
    • High visibility of the connection

    Seal location

    • Protected from rough handling damage
    • Better sealing mechanism
    • Resistance to seal galling

    Thread form

    • Based on VAM TOP thread form but further optimized
    • Self alignment abilities
    • Resistance to cross-threading
    • Better resistance to thread galling

    Introduced markets

    • United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Australia, Brazil, Koweit, Oman, Saudi Arabia…

    HPHT wells

    • VAM 21 is already a standard for HPHT wells
    • Popular size : 9 7/8" 66.9# 125 ksi VAM 21

    Qualification tests

    • 5 qualification tests performed for Major Oil Companies

    Users feed-back

    • Marathon Norway HPHT (302,joints of 9 7/8" 66.90# 125ksi VAM 21 ran successfully in May 2011) : "We were very pleased with the results from this casing run and will certainly evaluate to run this set-up again when dealing with complex HPHT wells."
    • GDF SUEZ Germany (201 joints of 9 5/8" 47# L80 VAM 21 successfully ran in January 2011) : "The expectations placed on the VAM®21 casing have been met. The gas tightness after full usage of the high torque capacity of the connection was established with a pressure test of approximately 280 bar. We intend to use the VAM 21 casing also for following projects in field Roemerberg-Speyer."
    • Statoil Norway (277 joints of 10 3/4" 60.70# SM13CRS-110 & P110 VAM 21 successfully ran in May 2009) : “thanks to all involved in this worldfirst deployment of VAM® 21, which is clearly a candidate for next generation threaded & coupled casing connection for StatoilHydro"

    Product line validation

    • Product line validated to ISO CAL-IV
    • CAL-IV type tests performed on more than 30 sizes across the product line
    • Tested to the new ISO13679:2011 CAL-IV
    • Validated to 240°C, in all types of loadings (including External Pressure)
    • Lubricants: Validated API Modified, Yellow Dope and CLEANWELL
    • Sealability performance validated at high torque values (MTS)
    • Full computer simulation (FEA) extrapolation and validation (L80 and Q125 on each size of the product line)