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Main Features
  • Excellent resistance to localized corrosion
  • High resistance to general corrosion, especially in sour environment
  • Excellent mechanical and physical properties
  • Good weldability
  • Low sensitivity to sigma phase precipitation

  • UNS No. S39274
  • ASTM A789/A789M, A790/A790M, A240/A240M, A480/A480M, A182/A182M
  • ASME Section VIII, Code Case2427(Plate), ASME Section Ⅱ, S39274
  • NACE MR0175, NORSOK M-630

Chemical Composition


Effect of Tungsten on Phase Stability

     Fig.  Schematic illustration of C-curve for intermetallic phase precipitation on duplex stainless steel.

DP3W has good phase stability by increasing W content.


     Fig.  Hardness increase by sigma phase precipitation.

DP3W has great phase stability among highly Cr and Mo alloyed materials.

Fig.  Pitting corrosion rate in ASTM G48 solution (Solution:6% FeCl3).

DP3W has good pitting corrosion resistance up to 80 deg.C.


Crevice Corrosion Resistance


Fig.  Relationship between PREW value and pitting potential of various stainless steel.

Pitting resistance is excellent, equivalent to highly alloyed super austenitic stainless steels.


Fig.  Crevice corrosion potential of DP3W insynthetic seawater.

Crevice corrosion resistance is better than conventional duplex stainless steel.

Crevice corrosion test results in synthetic seawater


DP3W has highly crevice corrosion resistance botih in parent metal and weldment.

Crevice corrosion test results in natural seawater

DP3W also has crevice corrosion resistance for long term.