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Main Features
  • Stability of long term creep rupture strength and superior creep rupture ductility
  • Much better corrosion resistance than 18Cr-8Ni austenitic stainless steels
  • Microstructural phase stability at elevated temperature, which contributes to superior stress relaxation properties and enough fatigue properties for various applications
  • Better formability, wider available size range and better weldability than γ’ phase present Ni based alloys

  • Vd TÜV Material data sheet 559/2 Supplement 09.2011
  • US No. N06674
  • ASTM B167-08
  • ASME Section I Code Case 2684

Chemical Composition


Mechanical Properties

Tensile property requirement at room temperature


Physical Properties

Coefficient of thermal expansion  [x10-6 /deg. C]

Thermal conductivity  [W/mdeg. C]

Modules of elasticity  [GPa]


Creep Rupture Properties

Fig.  Creep rupture test results of base metal.


Creep strength of Vd TÜV 559/2 09.2011  [MPa]


Corrosion Resistance

                                                Fig.  Steam oxidation results.                                    Fig.  Hot corrosion test results.


Slow strain rate tensile test

- Material

          HR6W : Fe-0.08C-23.6Cr-45Ni-7.2W-1.1Mn-0.1Ti-0.2Nb

          Alloy617 : Ni-0.07C-22.4Cr-12.5Co-8.9Mo-0.3Ti-1.2Al

- SSRT (Slow Strain Rate Tensile Test) at elevated temperatures

          Specimen : 5 mm diameter and 27 mm G. L.

          Strain Rate : 10-5, 10-6 /s

          Test Temperature : 500 ~ 750 deg. C

- Microstructural Observation

          Optical Microstructure Observation

          TEM Observation of Extraction Replica

Fig.  Stress-strain curve at 700 deg. C with strain rate of 1x10-6 /s.


Fig.  Comparison of Elongation and microstructure with strain rate of 1x10-6 /s.


Trial pipe production

Following size of HR6W pipes have successfully been manufactured by the Erhart Push Bench process.

  • 350 mm OD x 40 mm WT
  • 457 mm OD x 60 mm WT
  • 510 mm OD x 37.5 mm WT
  • 762 mm OD x 40 mm WT