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Main Features
  • Highest creep rupture strength among austenitic stainless steel
  • Good steam oxidation resistance due to higher Cr, Ni content
  • Better hot corrosion resistance for chloride alkakine than TP310.
  • Matching welding consumable whichi contribute equivalent strength and corrosion resistance to base metal is applicable.
  • Applicable as superheater and reheater for coal fired boiler and waste to energy boiler.

  • Vd TÜV Material data sheet 563/2 Supplement 09.2009
  • UNS No. S31025
  • ASTM A213 TP310MoCbN
  • ASME SA-213 Code Case 2581

Chemical Composition


Mechanical properties

Tensile property requirement at room temperature


Physical properties

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion  [x10-6/deg.C]

Modules of elasticity  [GPa]


Creep rupture properties

Fig.  Creep rupture test results of base metal.


Corrosion resistance

Fig.  Corrosion test results.

Fig.  Steam oxidation test results.



Fig.  Creep rupture test results of welded joint.