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Main Features
  • Highest strength among 18Cr-8Ni austenitic stainless steels utilizing Cu-rich phase.
  • Fine-grained microstructure by Thermo-Mechanical Process, which contribute to superior steam oxidation resistance to conventional coarse grainded TP347H.
  • Superior weldability to TP347H due to smaller amount of niobium, PWHT is not mandatory and matching welding consumable is available.
  • Good phase stability proven by long term creep-rupture tests and actual operation results in USC boilers.
  • Global shipments of more than 70 thousand tons, mainly for USC boilers.

  • Vd TÜV Material data sheet 550 Supplement 12.2010
  • UNS No. S30432
  • ASTM A213/A213M
  • ASME SA213/SA213M, Code Case2328-2

Chemical Composition



Mechanical Properties

Tensile property requirement at room temperature.


Physical Properties

Coefficient of thermal expansion  [x10-6 /deg. C]

Thermal conductivity  [W/mdeg. C]

Modules of elasticity  [GPa]


Creep Rupture Properties

Fig.  Creep rupture test results of base metal.


Creep strength of Vd TUV550  [MPa]


Strength Value         

Fig.  ASME maximum allowable stress values.



Fig.  Cu-rich phase precipitate of SUPER304H.

Corrosion Resistance 

Fig.  Stream oxidation test results of SUPER304H.


Nominal composition of matching welding consumable  [mass%]

Tensile test results of welded joint

Fig.  Varestraint test result.

Fig.  Restraint cracking test result.

Fig.  Creep rupture test results of welded joint.

Weld joint of SUPER304H tube, using matching welding consumable, has enough mechanical properties, including creep rupture strength, even in welding condition without control of interpass temperature.