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Main Features
  • Optimized chemical composition (21.5Cr-50Ni-17.5Fe-9Mo-Nb) for corrosive environment such as black liquor recovery boiler and waste to energy boiler.
  • Excellent general and localized corrosion resistance for both chloride and sulfate alkaline due to high Cr and Ni content.
  • Corrosion resistance for alkaline is equivalent to the conventional alloy 625 due to Ni content.
  • Excellent thermal stability and hot work ability due to optimum Cr, Ni, Nb and Fe content.
  • Applicable as mono-wall tube and outer component of composite tube.

  • UNS N06852
  • ASTM B444
  • ASME SB-444, Code Case 2520

Chemical Composition


Mechanical properties

Tensile property requirement at room temperature.


Physical properties

Coefficient of linear thermal expansion  [x10-6/deg.C]

Thermal conductivity  [W/mdeg.C]

Modules of elasticity  [GPa]


Properties at elevated temperature


Creep rupture properties

Fig.  Creep rupture test results of base metal.


Corrosion resistance

Comparison of high corrosion resistant steels

Test conditions

Fig.  High temperature corrosion test results.

High temperature corrosion test conditions

Fig.  Corrosion test results.

Fig.  Schematics of high temperature SCC test.

Test conditions

Fig.  Test results


Thermal stability

Fig.  Charpy impact test results at 0 deg.C after aged steel (heated for 10000 h).



Fig.  Hot cracking resistance evaluated by varestraint test.