Nuclear Power



Classification Company designation Basic chemical composition UNS No.  ASTM/ASME    EN   GOST           Application               
Austenitic SMN-304   18Cr-8Ni  S30400 TP304  X5CrNi    18-10   08X18H10 Feed water heater
Austenitic SMN-304L  18Cr-8Ni   -lowC  S30403 TP304L X2CrNi    19-11  08X18H11 Feed water heater
Austenitic SMN-316  18Cr-12Ni  S31600 TP316  X5CrNiMo 17-12-2  - Pipe and tube
Austenitic SMN-316L  18Cr-12Ni -low C  S31603 TP316L  X2CrNiMo 17-13-2 03X17H14M3 Pipe and tube
Austenitic  SMN-316LN 18Cr-12Ni  -lowC+N  S31653 TP316LN  X2CrNiMoN 17-12-2  - Pipe and tube
Austenitic  SMN-321 18Cr-8Ni-Ti  S32100 TP321  X6CrNiTi 18-10   08X18H10T Pipe and tube for VVER
Austenitic  SMN-XM19 22Cr-12Ni  -5Mn   S20910 TPXM-19   -  - CRDM
Ferritic  SMN-XM8   18Cr-Ti  S43035 TPXM-8   -  - Moisture separator heater
Ferritic  SMN-410Ti  13Cr-Ti  -  -  -  - Moisture separator heater
Ni Base SMN-600Nb  15Cr-75Ni -5Fe-Nb  - CC N-580-2  -  - CRD nozzle
Ni Base  SMN-690 30Cr-60Ni  -10Fe N06690  N06690  -  -

Steam Generator tube

CRDM penetrations

Ni Base  SMN-800 21Cr-33Ni N08800  N08800 X10NiCrAlTi 32-2  - Steam generator tube