Pipe & Tube for power generation

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Manufacturing process
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Classification Grade Chemical Composition Exmple standard
Carbon steel Conventional 0.15-0.25C A53-Gr.A, B
A106-Gr.A, B
A178-Gr.A, C
Basic grade
S-TEN™1 0.3Cu-0.1Sb A423 Gr.3
Sulfuric and hydrochloric acid dew point corrosion resistance
Conventional 0.25-0.35C A106-Gr.C
Low alloy Conventional 0.3-0.5Mo T1, T1a, P1   
Conventional 0.5Cr-0.5Mo
Conventional 0.5Cr-0.5Mo T2, P2  
Conventional 1Cr-0.5Mo T12, P12  
Conventional 2.25Cr-1Mo T22, P22  
HCM2S™ 2,25Cr-1.6W
T23, P23 (ASME CC2199) High strength 2.25Cr ferritic steel
High chrome Conventional 9Cr-1Mo T9, P9  
Conventional 9Cr-1Mo
T91, P91  
Conventional 9Cr-1.8W-V-Nb T92, P92 (ASME CC2179)  
Conventional 12Cr-1Mo
304/304H 18Cr-8Ni S30400, S30409 General puropose steel for numerous applications
321/321H 18Cr-8Ni-Ti S32100, S32109 High-temperature strength
347/347H 18Cr-9Ni-Nb S34700, S34709 High-temperature strength
347HFG 18Cr-11Ni

- Steam oxidation resistance
- 18Cr austenitc stainless steel tubes
   with fine-grained microstructuer
   using an original process

SUPER304H™ 18Cr-9Ni

- Superior steam oxidation resistance
   and high-strength 18Cr austenitic
   stainless steel tubes

- Widely used for USC power plant

310S 25Cr-20Ni S31008 Oxidation resistance
HR3C 25Cr-20Ni
S31042 High strength 25Cr austenitic stainless stee tubes
Duplex stainless DP3N 25Cr-7Ni
S31260 Sulfuric & hydrochloric acid and water dew point corrosion resistance
High Ni, Ni-based alloy 800H 20Cr-30Ni-Ti
-High C
N08800 High corrosion resistance at elevated temerature
HR11N 29Cr-42Ni

- High  corrosion resistance at elevated tempereture
- Heat exchanger tubes of
   waste energy plant and black liquor recovery boilers

HR6W 23Cr-45Ni
N06674 High corrosion resistance, Ni-based alloy
617 22Cr-12Co-9Mo-Ni base N06617

- High corrosion resistance
- Widely used for Gas-fired power plant

625 22Cr-9Mo
-Ni base
N06625 - High corrosion resistance, Ni-based alloy
- Heat exchanger tubes of
 waste energy plant and black liquor recovery boilers
690 29Cr-9Fe
-Ni base
N06690 - Steam generator tube for PWR nuclear power plant