Our roadmap in reducing carbon footprint

Environmental Initiative

In modern days, ensuring environmental sustainability is an inevitable theme for Steel industries with high Carbon Footprint. As our answer, Nippon Steel defined radical reduction of CO2 as the best mean and prime target to be achieved. We are currently undertaking various efforts in developing breakthrough technologies in order to strive fierce global competition and to lead world’s steel industry.

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Carbon Neutural Vision

Sustainability Topics


Environmental Product Declaration

Nippon Steel have acquired Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for our Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) & Line Pipe products. This have been the first Japanese tubular products to have such declaration.
"Japan EPD Program by SuMPO" is a Japanese EPD program operated by SuMPO(Sustainable Management Promotion Organization) that quantifies environmental impact of manufactured goods through lifecycle according to ISO14025. Quantification scope consists of mining of raw materials, goods production, disposal, and its recyclability. This allows customers to adequately assess environmental impact when using our products, based on third-party information.
For full EPD, please access SuMPO website and search with following registration numbers.

SuMPO website

Registration numbers for our tubular products
     “Seamless” OCTG & Linepipe (Reg No: JR-AW-21003E)
     “HFW(Welded)” OCTG & Linepipe (Reg No: JR-AW-21001E)



We believe that CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) is essential in achieving carbon neutral society. As our form of contribution, we supply Oil Country Tubular Goods(OCTG) products with various material grades and connections to CCUS Projects around the globe. Especially for corrosive environment including CO2, we have strong expertise in high alloy materials with unparalleled corrosion resistance. For gas-tight (Premium) connections, we supply extensive range of VAM® (Co-Developed by Vallourec & Nippon Steel) and our own proprietary NSMAX series. We are ready to take on most challenging Carbon Capture (Utilization) and Storage Projects with extreme wellbore environment.