Testing Facilities

Corrosion Testing Center

As the leading company in manufacturing specialty materials OCTG, Nippon Steel has a considerable corrosion testing capacity inclusive of NACE TM0177 A, B, C, D, SSRT, autoclaves and multipurpose test vessels.

NACE TM0177 Type A Testing Facilities

Hundreds of NACE A (Proof Ring) Test Cells are available:

  • Each cell is placed in a nitrogen chamber to avoid oxygen contamination.
  • Special equipments are used for tensile straining to avoid unnecessary torsion to the specimens.
  • Low temperatures NACE A Tensile tests can be performed upon request.
Slow Strain Rate Test

Autoclaves and Multi-purpose Test Vessels

For other type of corrosion tests, such as 3-points bend, 4-points bend, C-Ring, DCB (Double Cantilever Beam), SSRT (Slow Strain Rate Test), coupon exposure & crevice tests Nippon Steel retains a number of Autoclaves & Multi-purpose Vessels.


Other Material Test Facilities

Mechanical Test

Besides Tensile Testing (ambient condition & Elevated temperature), Charpy Impact, Hardness, Flattening, Drop Weight Tear Test (DWTT), Fatigue, Compressive, Collapse, Burst Testing, etc. can be performed in Nippon Steel Testing Facilities.

Chemical Analysis, Physical & Micro Analysis

Specific equipments such as EDXA (Energy Dispersion X-Ray Analyzer), EPMA (Electron Probe Micro Analyzer) and others are available for in depth fit for purpose analysis.

Heat Treatment

Simulation of Heat Treatment processes inclusive of Thermo-Mechanical, as well as post manufacturing heat input can be carried in lab sized heat treatment furnaces to validate new manufacturing procedures, and specific post manufacturing process evaluation.


Hardness Tester

Research Laboratory

Corporate R&D facilities are the foundation of Nippon Steel OCTG know how.

Besides the fundamental R&D programs, these laboratories are involved in:

- Evaluation of material performances such as

  • Material strength & fatigue performances
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Magnetic performances
  • Impact fracture analysis

- Computer analysis of

  • Strength, fatigue and fracture mechanics
  • Forming process
  • Material structure and performance
  • Heat and fluid analysis

- Failure analysis

- Material analysis to nano scale order

  • Surface analysis
  • Inclusion analysis
  • Material structure and grain boundary analysis
Thermal Desorption Analyser